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SHOOKER Amazing work fellas. Besatree and Kid Presentable !!! are two phenom', not to mention my two friends Haunted Days & Witch's Teat, you've come a hell of a long way dudes. Mad props, keep it comin' homies. Favorite track: Hold Steady (ft. Jaebird).
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The haze is a quartet of both emcees and producers blending a mixture of boom bap cinematic soundscape seamlessly with dense, introspective lyrics.
Birthed in 2012, four musicians merged together in an attempt to shake up the mundane LA underground hiphop scene. This album is a testament to their attempts to blend dense introspective prose over cinematic, almost noir beats. Dictated by ghostly pianos and synths that provide the perfect backdrop for the lyrically dense, and intellectual flow, it steadily progresses: switching vantage points and topics seamlessly. Sharp yet fluid, it sets the bar higher than when they found it, and leaving a blueprint on how to diverge from the beaten path.


released March 4, 2014

Kid Presentable!!!
Haunted Days
Witches Teat


all rights reserved



THEHAZE Los Angeles, California

Emcees Besatree and Kid Presentable!!! (CLDMKRS, Los Angeles, CA) and Haunted days and Witches Teat (Rennes, France) are a collective of artists making music on its own terms. Their self titled ep, is a paranoia laced opus, backed by a cinematic soundscape of ghostly pianos and synths. Walking a thin line between surreal and boombap, #thehaze is underground noir for a new generation. ... more

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Track Name: Paradise
Welcome to this paradise

Welcome to this paradise, the no-fly zone where they teach the best bet's to keep both eyes closed
The people I know tho they got both of em open, violence in the scenery but can see where we going
I guess it's just the cost of living we pay these days
Nothing ever gets forgiven no fade, no phase
Misappropriation aided day by day, seems they lost up in a system we allowed them to create

Welcome to this paradise/it's breezy and the weathers right/no threat of war that hovers man no assholes and no parasites/ more gold that you can set your sights but never really reach/cash rules everything around, social contracts you can't breach/we take a lifetime just to teach/we must abide by law and order/xenophobic tendencies/give you guns to guard the borders hoarders take like sixty pills/side effects that blind and kill/and in my heaven every ocean would be black from oil spills/

And in my paradise/all I would need is an open mic/to communicate concerns and avoid those silly gifts/inspiration would take flight and pay immediate returns/in the forms of flashy cars and the weed we love to burn/respect ain't ever earned it's just traded on the market/being run by corporation with giant holes up in they pocket/there's no way that you can stop this/destruction and envy or try the but the essence that lies deep inside of me/excitedly they make you jealous/profiteering from the fact your girls been fucking other fellas/blondes brunette sand barbarellas/salmonella/ disease is all we really are heavens just a place to show off a your tattoos and your scars/or your mindless at the bar drinking whiskey till your raw/amplifying every flaw of the angels that would fall/this paradise that I picture man I claim it for the timid/ rest in peace to all creation when I finally reach my limit

Welcome to this paradise where greed motivates purpose
Bloods boiling but all's calm on the surface
At least appears so as years roll past, stone collects moss and the moss becomes grass, grass attracts weeds and the weeds they halt growth
Then the only growing is the size of egos
We let em go to far
Take it to the limit
Now its all FUBAR
Bar soon becomes clinic
Frequency increase in the visits, path diminished
Taxes keep rising while the wages stay dipping
Digging deep in pockets just to flip the faucet
Big brother is the bully that's been punking us for profit
Gotta make a way out, gotta get em up and off it
But gotta get a day off of my job so I can plot it
I know it sounds familiar cuz a lot of us been talking
First step towards the light is to realize we walking
Track Name: Two Steps Back (ft Sick Rat)
I pledge allegiance to the CM, I salute the absolute
way we isolate and weaken over airwaves we pollute
it's slasher flicks within these loops troops succumb
to lack of oxygen in lung, cyanide under your tongue
sayanora while i sung, epic tales of tragedy
a thousand rappers biting me an opus of insanity
a sliver of humanity that slithers when i play
grab a hold of your subconscious and mold its clay
an villain in a play of treachery and skullduggery
the voices in my head that try to plot and murder me
you got a gun against your hip, i got a freudian slip thats hanging of my dick
man.. its hanging of lips.. the script is never followed
we're a break from the nine to five and all the ignorance you swallow
keep it down
you aint the only folks that grind and struggle
but we're building up our palace from the skeletons and rubble

Just another tightrope walker, big mouth open
Words getting choked on instead of being spoken
Not a lot moves him but he says a lot's moving, heard him claim a lot of shit that I know he's not doing
Plot got ruined by a few bad seeds, now His Hero Is Gone and he Grows Like Weeds
No need to ever limit the reach because the cynicism slips through the cracks in his teeth
Practice his speech, never practice anything he preach tho
Vindicate the victim let the venom leak in vitro
Need some more time, don't want a quick fix
Watch the water rise while wondering why he brought it back to this
An actor? Yes!
Not an activist
Is there and end to this?
I chipped away the blocks up on my shoulders now he's envious
I, hope he remembers this when the vision starts to fade
Had the option to have it all but he chose only the grays

One step forward and two steps back
You push for success you don't hone your craft
One step forward and two steps back
Can't resolve or solve problems when launching attacks
One step forward and two steps back
You're on your last leg fading out into black
One step forward and two steps back
Been trying to make advances but they holding me back
One step forward and two steps back
Track Name: Pyrite
Can't afford to buy you jewels but I've been saving up these gems
Soon a necklace on your neck, a bracelet on your wrist
Diamonds in the coal mine so send canaries in
Final song sang as they falling to their death

She was looking for diamond, all I had were quartz and onyx
Could offer bits of progress, she opted just to haunt it
Attempts to bring her back had left me open like a geode, broken not dissected, not expected but it's real
Feels like it's time to face the music, pay the piper
Prolly just confused it, kamikaze can't decipher all the codes that's coming through once the plane is going down, heart inside the blackbox and nowhere to be found
Exists but hasn't surfaced yet, 1980's ammolite
Cornerstone and coat the brick and mortar store with kyanite
If the timing's right, then we can extract pearls but if it's not, stay searching for that long lost world like Atlantis
Plans unfurl, planets align, see the moldavite formed right before our very eyes
Meteorites make it feel like the sky's falling
Raise your crystal cup up for the gems stolen

It's tigers eyes and opals, emeralds rubies in these vocals
i wish that i could give them all to you but im just hopeful
anesthetic keep me numb, fill this glass up with more rum,
your heartbeat often substitutes the need for breaks and drums
but i see you need to run, chase your shadow chase your tail
thank the ones that prop you up. a goddess never has to fail
sail enlighten towards the edge, frighten tip toes on ledge
tighten grip around my leg is what your lips whispered and begged
i carry plague
I break everything i touch, relationships or car parts it doesn't matter much
and its always been as such bruised and beaten to the core
so heres a song about the parts even you couldnt explore
even i chose to ignore that the sky was coming down
reached the point of no return limits lost and never found
fleeting thoughts can be profound but often times are left to be
left to rot below the surface waiting for their clemency
Track Name: The Escape (ft. Adversity)
I don't know which way to go, all the walls closing in so slow
Gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run
and I don't know which way to go, all the walls closing in so slow
Gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run, gotta run

Been getting claustrophobic, it seems the walls are closing in on me in slow motion, I feel my heart convulsing
Exploding outta my chest, manic depressed, jimmy's with me to help handle the stress, drowning in debt
Don't eat often, too expensive to see doctors
Sober when colder than meat lockers
In dreams, I see monsters
When I'm awake I see chemical trails, reason why I don't breathe proper
I fear karma, don't want my past coming back around but it's behind me steady trying to track me down and find me
Always feeling like I'm on the run, every night surprised I made it through the falling sun
Waking up in a sweat, checking under my bed, these voices really start to fuck with my head
Cannibalized in this circus, painted face of a clown
The day of escape's tomorrow but today they stay...

Chasing me down
Can feel the cold within the shadow
Chasing me, chasing me
No promise of tomorrow
Chasing me, chasing me
The great escape will follow
But they keep chasing me, chasing me, chasing me down

i kind of get the feeling people don't like me
reverse the engineering zero i might be
hero unlikely
shine quite brightly
a diamond in the rough thats been drinking nightly
it's clear that my direction has perfected imperfections
all alone and introverted man immaculate conception
I guess it's all perception, the way i keep them guessing
I never learn my lesson i guess thats why i'm stressing
and i feel it in my soul, all the dirt and all the concrete imprinted on my soles
and it's seeping in my flows
cant shake this weird emotion i'm a drop outside a puddle
a fish without an ocean
commotion and peace the notion that ghosts
don't follow and haunt you inside of deep sleep
hear the lonely bird weep and die in the cage
my truths locked away in the ink on this page

Chasing me down
Can feel the cold within the shadow
Chasing me, chasing me
No promise of tomorrow
Chasing me, chasing me
The great escape will follow
But they keep chasing me, chasing me, chasing me down

I can feel them chasing me, I know they been on red alert
Time to get back on my Kerouac, the road to home is dirt and it hurts
The first fall that I took cost me a fortune, curveballing the pitch, emit distortion
The course of course is discourse abandoned, see em at the bottom lost while I'm avalanching at em
It's a downhill slope with a tightropes tension
Took away the trust and left it up to us to fix the messes
Slip in the message while they feeding us depression
Walking on pins and needles, not lost, we undetected
Undirected, indirectly been affected by it, split decision made, wrecking lives to rectify
Recognize the eyes they tried to slide by us, we don't idolize they lies we analyze and move up
To move up's to move on
To move up's to move on and we on and we gone and we...
Track Name: Black Out
Blacked out, all black everything
Blacked out, all black everything
Blacked out, all black everything
Blacked out, everything, everything

Woke up in a daze, breaking a cold sweat
Coma kind of day, the confidence game dead
It's all, 20 questions, common to claim credit after
20-20, focus in the hindsight chapter
Lifelike pattern, sight stripped when eyes blacken
Frame cracking, structure ruptured, unsure of the landing
Burner leaving a trail, can't identify ashes
Cursive cursed at the tail, the Trojan Horse enacted
Action packed from the black out, no back down but back down a path my memory can't remap out
Can't retrace a single step I took
Blank stare glaring at blank pages in a book and I'm shook
Got no recollection, can't get these dots connected
I see the logic but the problem is the life in question
Minor indiscretions multiply quick
Just wish I could remember what the fuck I did

Another sunrise with my hands all soaked, adrenaline subsides bloods down my throat/last time we spoke the knife hadn't met the flesh/now addicted to the feeling victim inhaling they last breath/I trace my last steps/burn off my finger prints/ I blame the tours of duty, a loss of innocence/ the world is ignorant of what I'm capable of/I blood thirst after the first an uncontrollable drug/another grave that I dug/ rap genius Patrick Bateman/listening to body count I chop it up with satan/apocalypse is waiting for me to proceed/ so I bring in the ruckus for end days to start up proceed/ you're not breathing for your soul just remember you're a different type of an animal/while you yell out and back out I stay here and sacrifice and bleed out and black out/bleed out and black out.
Track Name: Rogue
It's been a long and narrow road
And I been out here like a rogue
Trying to figure where to go
Cuz I been out here like a rogue
It's been a long and narrow road
Ain't no options from the inside, it's a thin line, wire walk the incline
And I been out here like a rogue
Maybe common on the flipside, but here we grip obscurity purely to shed light
Trying to figure where to go
Don't see a lot of option in sight, we been working in peripheral to bend light
Cuz I been out here like a rogue
Carving life with a dull knife, frayed edges catching edits till they roll nice

Don't try to stop me or you'll end up like the rest
Trampled in the background, struggling for breath
Never getting rest, no nest or place to lay head, some say unsettling, I settle in the made bed and play dead
Walking hand in hand with spirits, surface tension friction often causing interference
Appearance has got a holographic quality, commonly called anomaly, following till chronology plays out
They say the timeline's fickle, prime time window in a wide eyed limbo, finite symbol with the fight or flight impulse, might appear simple but the bones beneath crippled, brittle, crumbled
Watch it all fall apart
Case gone cold, sold off all the stolen art
The chase ongoing
Going on with no regard
Open it back up for the surgery, open heart

My tale is like the odyssey, im never coming home
ill leave you with my honesty and broken microphone
im doomed to roam alone, yall pushed me out to the peripheral
a cult of personality, i worship all thats lyrical
an asshole plus im cynical, i dont wait around for miracles
slash throats, final fantasy tactics despicable
my art is sort of cyclical it swallows it's own tail
eventually this bad guy will triumph and prevail
the science aint to scale but im just cooking up distractions
a dealer of endorphins and chemical reactions, aint never lost no traction
so fuck what your friends say, wont stop until your whole crew call me their sensei
so lets play
you bring the cloak ill bring the dagger, the vocab be equivalent to drunken master swagger
a tagger of toes the path of the blade is the life of the poet and rouge whos in vouge
Track Name: Hold Steady (ft. Jaebird)
Hold steady, the pain won't stop
We, hold steady and head for the top yeah
Hold steady, hold steady, hold steady
It gets heavy, the game won't stop
Hold steady and face all the monsters
Hold steady, get ready, hold steady

Yeah we need to get a grip and hold on
Brick by brick to build it, years developing a prologue that no longer exists
Let the soap opera commence
Within a second separated from the pop and the hiss, the old comfortable feeling I'd been taking for granted
George Orwellian view, reports of missing in action
Pissed away the opportunities to conquer the caption
Couldn't clear the air without losing heir to the castle
So its, zipped lips that'll follow up the swallowed words
Choking on the rhetoric, the end of rope or end of nerves?
I seen it burn and never thought to stop the growth, feel the flames engulf my feet right before I reach the goal so...
End of road? No.
The enemy so close
And it could be anything, anywhere, anyone, many become ghosts
Appendages numb and cold, the feelings phantom
It's hard to hold on without attachment

With my back against the wall
a sword against my throat
I wont ever let you down
can you catch this through the smoke
allow my words to drift and float across your lobes and hemispheres
being caught in your subconscious reverberate inside your ears
a constant state of dread and fear
every tear will set the tone, and come to rest under my eyes, these bags can be their home
My skin aint made of stone but i can break the chains that bind me
my principles are fucked up, i wont let mistakes define me
matter of fact ive been divining
separate myself from negatives i see the silver lining
you see im never smiling im proud of that
the ruins of a child's ancient artifacts
ive been on altered paths, and like an alto sax, i take the high road on a high note eyes is made of solid glass
get down to brass tax and peel away the skin and tissue
expose the bones and nerves, the pain wont be an issue

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